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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's relaxer time...and I don't want to do it.

I need a relaxer so bad right now. Like today!! But I'm not in the mood to do my hair AT ALL.
Send good vibes and strength my way! I mean... Christmas is Sunday!! I can't be looking ratchet!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Relaxer Day! 11-6-11

This post has been in the queue forever oops!

I relaxed today at 9.5 weeks! I used my usual Soft and Beautiful  relaxer (regular strength) I used creamy Vaseline around my hairline for protection and it helped a lot! I tend to get relaxer all over my neck and ears.

I used the Motions conditioner to cover my previous relaxed hair to prevent over processing. That conditioner is super thick!

I started the relaxer and applied it to my new growth and smoothed it in the allotted 20 minute time frame using the stop watch timer on my phone.

It took me 5 neutralizer washes to rinse out all the relaxer. The shampoo kept being pink. It was weird. After my final rinse I applied my VO5 moisturizing for about 5 minutes because my poor hair felt stripped.

I then used semi permanent color Beautiful Browns in midnight black under the dryer for 45min. It seemed as if the formula for this has changed too. It was really inky black. Me no likey. I think I'll use dark brown next time.

After the color, I conditioned with my Silk Elements Mega Moisture conditioner under the dryer for 30 min. rinsed and t-towel dried and applied my Infusium leave in. I air dried, detangled and protective styled with twists.

So that's it 3 weeks late. 5 weeks until touch-up time.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Product Review No. 8 and....

Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

Avocado oil and honey infuse each strand with ultra-moisturizing conditioners to detangle, hydrate and add silky shine.Silk protein helps fortify. Panthenol, silicone and glycerin saturate the cuticle to help repair and renew.

I told you all in an earlier post that I was taking it back old school. By that I mean I’m using all the old products that helped my hair grow long in the first place. From 2003 through  summer 2008 I had the best hair of my life lengthwise. It was long, healthy and thick. Life was good and stress was low. Fast forward and all hell broke loose. I was laid off from my high paying job, my lifestyle changed and adjustments had to be made.

One thing that suffered was my hair. I use to go to the stylist every week and left the care of my hair in her hands. So after my job loss, one thing that had to change was my hair appointments. I started getting my hair braided by a family friend and the styles were cute. The one thing that I "forgot" is that I don't wear braids well. My hair hates it. No matter how much I care for it in braids it still results in hair loss. I thought since it had been 10 years maybe that had changed, sadly it had not. During that time, in and effort to get to know my own hair I also decided to go natural. This ended up being a major FAIL! When I removed the braids my hair was a total disaster. I made an appointment and my stylist was like WHOA! What the heck have you done? My ends were raggedy. My hairline was near ratchedness, and the line of demarcation between relaxed hair and natural hair was a disaster! I ended up getting another relaxer and after it was blown out you could really see the damage.

My stylist said it had to be cut and I was crushed. Then my hair was subsequently cut to my neck. I was devastated!! I had not had short hair in forever. Anywhoo, after my cut it has been trial and error trying to find what products work for my hair to get my health and length back.

...Wait this is supposed to be a product review.

I started this post to talk about this Motions conditioner that I worked into my hair journey. There is so much information on the nets about silicone being bad for your hair. Well before I knew this, my hair grew with "cone" products and trying to be silicone free was not working for my hair. I took it back old school and bought this conditioner and my hair has been doing fine since I worked it in. I started using it for my mid-week cowash and condition. So if you don't have a fear of silicone give it a try! It has enough good stuff in it to cancel out the supposedly bad.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

If at first you dont succeed...

Keep trying!

I started using the Infusium and Queen Helene cholesterol conditioner in August and saw immediate results. Both products combined did great things for my hair.  I washed my hair, and deep conditioned with the QH for about 30 minutes under a hood dryer.  After that I moisturized with Silk Elements MM for an additional 30 minutes.  After my conditioning treatments I then used the Infusium as a leave in and styled. I highly recommend these products!! Get you some son!

My hair was softer, more manageable and easy to detangle and grew so much from August to September. It was thick, healthy and felt so strong I was VERY pleased with the results.

You would think with all this progress I would continue my weekly regime to continue to reap the benefits of the products but I did not. Sadly I slacked off after my relaxer September 4th and my hair immediately showed the difference! My hair tangles easily when I don’t constantly care for it. With a relaxer one of the key components is maintaining moisture in the hair. Without moisture the hair gets dry, brittle, sheds more and will break off.  Because of my laziness I did seemingly shed more than usual resulting in thinner hair.
I keep learning the same lesson which is achieving long healthy hair is truly a journey. There are no shorts cut. It is a maintenance system that must be sustained if you want to see results. Any deviation from your plans can result in hair loss.

 I am currently on a castor oil challenge to thicken my hair and try to recover the thickness that my hair was finally starting to show.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking it back old school

Lately I've slacked up on everything in my life and I want to get back on track. I've decided to take it back old school style and reintroduce some old stables to my HHJ (healthy hair journey)

I remember before my hair first started growing long I was regularly going to the hairstylist getting fly cuts and color and then I just stopped. Once I stopped with all the flyness my hair started growing. My routine was simple my hair was washed, conditioned and wrapped. I used Infusium 23 as my leave in and I deep conditioned with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner. I recently reviewed my master list of products and realized these old staples are on the list! Color me EXCITED!!

Infusium 23 has new formulas at the store but you can still find the original formula at the beauty supply and that's what I did. I took a trip to the beauty supply and purchased both products. I went to the Bea.uty and it's huge so I needed assistance locating the stuff.  Once I was led to both products by customer service I was a happy camper!! My instincts were reconfirmed when the salesperson said "that's the right stuff right there." I smiled because I'm already knowin!! lol

Once I get going with it, product reviews forth coming. I truly hope the formulas are the same or better and benefit my hair.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Relaxer Day!

I relaxed July 4, 2011

I wore my hair down 2 days only. The people at work were like you wore your hair down! It's long and pretty.
Me: Not yet but Thanks! The next day it was back in a ponytail.

It grew but I trimmed about 2 inches. My ponytail made the ends ratty to me so they had to go. I will do better with protecting my ends.

This cycle I will take the vitamins and get back to washing and deep conditioning every week. I will do my protein treatment this weekend. I'm doing castor oil this next ten weeks and I am going to try this Nexxus shampoo and conditioner. Product review coming soon.

I'm excited about the next few months. My goal is still mid back or waist length by June 2012

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relaxer Day!

Okay so I decided to just go ahead and relax today at 5.5 weeks! My hair was having a hard time with the two textures. Lots of ridiculous shedding and it was soo course.

I used my usual Soft and Beautiful (regular strength) I based my scalp the night before with creamy Vaseline and it helped so much! I only felt irritation in the spots where I couldn't resist scratching. LOL!

I used a cheapie conditioner to cover my previous relaxed hair to prevent over processing.

I started at 6:59 pm and I tried to apply the relaxer and smooth it in the allotted 20 minute time frame. I usually only like to leave the relaxer on 15 minutes but this time I went the full time.

I parted my hair in four sections (thanks Bajan for the reminder) and started by applying the relaxer in the back first. I covered all  4 sections in about 7 minutes. I went back over my whole head with relaxer in the spots I missed which took 5 minutes. At 7:12 pm I started the smoothing process. My hair seemed pretty straight already. It is here that I think I am over processing and rinse too early. I held on for the last 8 minutes and started with rinsing the front hairline. I have a fear of losing my hairline as well...but once I started rinsing it all looked smooth and straight. Yaaay!!

This recap was just as much for me as my readers...because I swear I forget how to relax my hair every time I do it. I am still kinda missing the shop for this step in my journey. This is my 4th time giving myself a relaxer with only 2 successes including this one LOL!

It grew but I don't know how thick it is with all this shedding. It looked right at or right above bra strap length BSL. I was like... really hair Really?  WOW! LOL! I don't know what happened but I got about 2 good inches of growth. I currently have about 16 inches of length. I need about 2.5- 3 inches to be at full (BSL). My sides don't grow as fast as the back of my hair, but am pleased with the overall turnout/progress of this relaxer. I can finally tell it has grown.

I am hoping to reach full BSL by July 4th including my 1 inch trim... I plan to wear my hair out for our family picnic. My family has not seen my hair not in a protective style since Feb of last year after my big chop.
CORRECTION: I wore my hair down for my birthday in March. Its been up ever since.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Review No.6

Giovanni Tea Tree Oil Shampoo VS. Shikai Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Shikai did not give my scalp the tingly cleansed feeling that GTTO did.

and the winner is Giovanni Tea Tree Oil Shampoo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair Mistakes!

So this weekend I decided to pre poo my hair before I washed. I used VO5 volumizing conditioner and grape seed oil. Umm that was a crazy combo as for as my hair was concerned. My hair was sooooooooo tangled when I went to shampoo. It was crazy! I don't know what happened??

Anywhoo I washed with the Shikai Tea Tree shampoo. It is not as fab as the Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo. I then washed with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo( I'm going to be so sad when this runs out) then I conditioned with my beloved Silk Elements. This softened my hair to butter and made it easier to detangle, but it was still a long tedious process. I lost a lot of hair. *sadface*

I will be relaxing next week due to the texlax relaxer 5 weeks ago. I will then be able to assess the damage to my ends. I hope my hair is not paper thin because of this mishap. Guess who won't be texlaxing or pre pooing anymore? Me!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Picture Dump -Hair

Okay so people have been hinting about pics. In my quest to stay anonymous here's what I came up with...

hair after cut growing back

in need of a relaxer

freshly relaxed still wrapped

Birthday hair- flash making me look bald

protective styles

most of all - don't forget to cover your hair with a scarf every nite- sweet dreams

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Shout out to AfricanPinay5 at Forever Frugal  for bestowing me with this award! Thank you so much!

Since this award was given on my hair blog I will give 7 hair facts.

1. I am trying to grow my hair to MBL(mid back length)

2. When my hair sheds too much I have a full on panic attack.

3. My hair journey seems to be taking forever!

4. My hair was mid back length before. It is APL right now. I am having set backs.

5. I plan to show pics of my growth when my journey is from BSL to mid back MBL and beyond...

6. I love trying new products!

7. I hope to reach MBL June 2012. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Product Review No. 5 Giovanni Product

Today I washed my hair with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo.

Well I have to say my hair does not like this shampoo. I expected something that said "smooth as silk" would have great slip and leave my hair feeling good. Nope! It felt like wet carpet.

I co-washed quickly with VO5 moisture conditioner to counteract the dryness and drawn up mushed feeling my hair had. After rinsing my hair felt back to normal. I'm glad this was a sample and I won't be using it again.

I'm a person with relaxed hair, and this product says it's for chemically treated hair. I have to say this shampoo did not leave my relaxed hair smooth as silk. I keep trying Giovanni products because I've heard such good things!  But I may have to just accept that they are not for me. Oh well on to the next one. LOL!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Product Review No.4 Shi Kai

From the site:

Tea Tree Shampoo: is aromatic and invigorating. The essential oils of tea tree and peppermint leave the scalp tingling and fresh. And our proprietary soap-free ShiKai Extract leaves hair exceptionally soft, shiny and healthy.

Tea Tree Conditioner: contains also contains tea tree, peppermint, Amla and jojoba oils to revitalize and leave hair silky soft, shiny and manageable.

I've mentioned this conditioner a few times in other posts but I haven't done a formal review.

Since beginning my hair journey, I don't have any of the problems I previously had with my scalp. I used to have a real problem with dry, flaky, itchy scalp. My scalp was so easily irritated and it would itch unbearably causing me to scratch until it bled! I use to use special prescription shampoo and an ointment!...because none of the over the counter products worked! Yes it was that bad! I believe I had a hair allergy to my previous relaxer, but it was my stylist's staple so I never said anything o_O! The only problem I may have now is an itchy scalp before a wash day, which brings me to my new found LURVE!!

I was perusing the aisles at Whole Foods and found this trial size version of Shi Kai Tea Tree conditioner and decided to try it. AMAZE!!!

Shi Kai Tea Tree conditioner is amazing!! How can what essentially boils down to a dandruff product be so moisturizing? It is because it contains all the important products that are good for hair! Swoon!

One day before wash day I usually pre-poo with oils and a conditioner and I had read on a few hair blogs that adding tea tree oil to another another oil or to your conditioner would help with itchy scalp. Finding this conditioner relieves me from having to do any of that.

My scalp truly felt amazing after using this product. It did not strip or dry my hair at all. I still followed with my regular moisturizing routine, but as a pre-poo product it will be a staple when I have an itching scalp.

I plan to try the shampoo and may convert from the Giovanni Tea Tree to this.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I must be INSANE!!!!!!!! and UPDATE

Why do I keep going back and forth on relaxing my hair?? Why can't I accept that I can't stretch my relaxer like people with thicker hair?? I must relax at 10 weeks period! I feel like I lost a lot of hair unnecessarily because I'm trying to stretch until the Saturday  the 12th. I should have started preparing to relax on the 26th and relaxed this week  on March 5th. I washed today so now I have to wait. My hair was a tangled mess.

I co-washed with V05 conditioner, I did a 10 min ORS Hair Mayo conditioner for strength then I DC over night with Hello Hydration and Silk Elements Mega Moisture. I had to scraped the jar hence the mix. I also added a bit of coconut oil. So far my hair is LOVING the coconut oil. My hair was really moisturized. It felt strong, soft and smelled great! But tangled. I air dried and did the long tedious detangle process.

I'm all out of my products.

I need to buy more Silk Elements MMC, Hello Hydration conditioner, Shi kai full size tea tree conditioner, the largest rollers I can find for my roller set, and my semi permanent black haircolor in blackest black.

I'll be back next week with my relaxer update! Take care!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Update week 9

I'm in week 9 of my stretch. My new growth is visible and my hair is officially tangley. I watched a few youtube reviews for the Tangle Teezer after a suggestion from P.S. I Love this and I think this is something I really should get. Especially now when my hair get's a tangled mess! Anything that can prevent hair loss while detangling I'm all for!

This week I prepoo'd with grape seed oil and another tea tree conditioner I picked up at Wh.ole F.oods called Shi kai.  It's really a good conditioner and stopped my itching scalp. Shut it down! LOL!

I co washed with the Giovanni Tea Tree conditioner I reviewed last week. Further cooling comfort for my scalp.  But it didn't get my scalp as clean as I wanted so I washed just my scalp with the Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo. I really like this shampoo! I think I'll just re-purchase that. I like the Shi kai tea tree con better!
I am being extra cautious with my scalp because my relaxer is coming up in 2 1/2 weeks and my last relaxer I really burned because my scalp was in such an irritated itchy state.

After I rinsed the shampoo my hair was stripped so I conditioned with ORS con for 10 minutes then I deep conditioned with SE Mega Moisturizing Con my favorite staple. I didn't sit under the dryer this time. I walked my treadmill for an hour and let it condition an additional hour. I rinsed and did my leave-in with a mix of aloe vera juice and S-curl no drip and air dried. Once dry, I detangled. Then I moisturized and sealed with 6 and 1 Leave In moisturizer and coconut oil.

This week I'm protective styling. I'm bunning until my relaxer March 12, 2011.

Best bun I've ever done!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Product Review No.3 Giovanni Products

On the hair forums I read that Giovanni hair care products are good for all hair types including relaxed hair.  The line is all natural and organic. So yesterday while perusing the aisles at Whole Foods I went down the hair care aisle and saw they had trial sizes. I have had a few problems with itching scalp and bought the Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner.  Each bottle was 1.99 for 2 ounces.

Tri-functional shampoo - alleviates dry, flaky scalp; unclogs pores, removes product build up.

A natural blend of essential oils, minerals, vegetable proteins, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oils. Nourishes and restores strength and shine. Tingly sensation invigorates the scalp.

My hair felt really clean! I mean really clean. So that means the shampoo is moisture striping
and clarifying. It seemed good as a clarifying shampoo. I usually only co-wash and I made sure to only wash my scalp but the shampoo that got on my hair did make it a bit dry. However, I really liked the tingle I felt during the wash.  
I think I will be able to use just the  tea tree conditioner to co wash with in the future when my scalp feels itchy.

Update: Not able to just use the conditioner it did not get my hair as clean as I needed it to be.

I recommend following up with a good deep conditioner like Silk Elements Mega Moisturizing


Overall I liked it!  I think if your scalp is having a real problem with dandruff and/or itching both products together will help! You can check out the products at the link below.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am in my 6th week of this relaxer. I plan to relax at 10 weeks but if my hair is doing well I may stretch to 12 weeks. I know I keep switching up but I really want to stretch to 12 weeks each relaxer. I always get tangly around 9 weeks so that will deterimine if week 10 will be my relaxer week.

Last night I pre-pooed my hair with olive oil and EQP Intense. Today I washed with Hair One for dry hair. I like the tingle of this product and my scalp is really clean.  I DC with ORS Hair Mayo for 30 min. It is a light/ med protein. I felt like my hair needed some strength. I hope I did not protein overload my hair. I then moisturized with  Aphogee Balancer Moisturizer for 10 min  and Silk Elements MM for 5 min.

My hair felt so soft and strong after I air dried. I wanted to know what my hair would feel like without a leave in and it feels GREAT!!!

So  I will be washing with Hair One weeks 1-6 and I have to find a really good detangling shampoo or conditioner to wash with weeks 7-10 or 12. Any suggetions??? I miss the original version of CON!

My next step is to begin a vitamin regime for strength, health and growth. My blog friend at P.S. I love this... told me about the use of  B vitamins and how they help your hair. So I plan to follow Traycee from K.I.S.S. vitamin plan she used to go from APL to WL with relaxed hair.

This came straight from K.I.S.S.

GNC Women's Ultra Mega Vitamin

Super B-Complex with vitamin C & Folic Acid
Helps Convert Food Into Energy Supports energy production
Helps offset the wear and tear of stress
Assist homcysteine metabolism

Specifically the B's are responsible for the health and maintenance of nerves, eyes, digestion and skin, as well as the processing of carbohydrates, fat and protein, growth, the production of hormones and digestive enzymes, prevention of anemia, maintenance of the sex glands, sebaceous glands and bone marrow.

provides Sulfur that is a building block for joints, cartilage, skin, hair, and nails, and methyl groups,
that support many biochemical processes in the body and energy production

Biotin is also known as Vitamin H or B7...It helps skin , and hair health..It is important for metabolism of carbohydrates,, proteins and fats

Fish Oil Omega-3....Great source of protein
Doesn't have high saturated fat that fatty meat products have
Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people and those that are high risk of cardiovascular disease

Friday, February 4, 2011

I do nails too!

Recently, I saw a manicure on a beauty blog that I had to try. I love beauty blogs by the way. I decided to do all my nails with the glitter. It is a fabulous gold glitter french manicure. I had everything but the glitter polish.

I painted my nails with one coat of Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

Then one coat of the best top coat in the world Seche Vite LOL! It dries so fast. I love this stuff!!!!

Then I used one coat of Sinful Colors Nude Satin 109. I tried to find it on the site but it's not available it's similar to this one. But any nude will do.

Then another coat of the Seche Vite top coat.

I waited about a hour to let everything set. Then I did the glitter french part. Sephora has this great gold glitter polish I was going to get but it costs 9.00. I'm on a budget right now.

One of the beauty blogs I read raved about Sally's Beauty Supply version which cost .94. It's a little bottle but Umm Yeah! It's GREAT!! looked similar and did what I needed it to do.

To add the french part you have remove excess polish on the side of the bottle and dot the tip of your nails until you get the desired affect. After adding the french part add one more coat of Seche Vite.

I am totally going back to get all the chunky glitters since it's a trend right now!  Sally's has silver and pink too. The end result is a gel like manicure that should last 7 -10 days!! I just add a little topcoat as needed when it gets dull.

After all that it better last LOL!

UPDATE: This manicure has lasted 8 days!!  No chips!!! I'm only removing it because my naisl have grown out. Make sure you seal the topcoat by adding polish to the front and back of the nail.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

UPDATE week 2

First and second wash and length check

Hello All!!

I did my first wash with Creme of Nature shampoo for fine hair. My scalp was jacked up from my relaxer. I had no idea I burned that much! I'm glad there wasn't any hair loss. I conditioned with Intense by EQP. I know I said I don't like it but I didn't have any other conditioner *shrugs* My scalp was still healing and shedding so it didn't matter. I put it in a ponytail and left it alone so it could do what it needed to do.

I did my 2nd wash today Yay!

I used VO5 moisturizing conditioner and really scrubbed the rest of the dead burned scalp flakes out of my hair. My scalp is clean and healed. I deeped conditioned with Silk Elements Moisture intense conditioner. I LOVE this stuff it leaves my hair really soft and silky with minimal detangling needed.

I shedded a lot to me this wash I'm not sure if  it was due to the burning from the relaxer. I plan to do a Aphogee 2 step Protein treatment next wash.

I made my own length check T shirt so that I can measure my hair length. According to the shirt I am 4 inches from BSL(bra strap length) I am super excited about this. I may not reach this goal by my next relaxer and birthday month in March, but surely by my relaxer in May I should be fully BSL barring any set backs. I can't wait. I plan to be slightly bangin by summer. Whipping my hair back and forth!! And by the Fall shoo you better watch out!! LOL!