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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I must be INSANE!!!!!!!! and UPDATE

Why do I keep going back and forth on relaxing my hair?? Why can't I accept that I can't stretch my relaxer like people with thicker hair?? I must relax at 10 weeks period! I feel like I lost a lot of hair unnecessarily because I'm trying to stretch until the Saturday  the 12th. I should have started preparing to relax on the 26th and relaxed this week  on March 5th. I washed today so now I have to wait. My hair was a tangled mess.

I co-washed with V05 conditioner, I did a 10 min ORS Hair Mayo conditioner for strength then I DC over night with Hello Hydration and Silk Elements Mega Moisture. I had to scraped the jar hence the mix. I also added a bit of coconut oil. So far my hair is LOVING the coconut oil. My hair was really moisturized. It felt strong, soft and smelled great! But tangled. I air dried and did the long tedious detangle process.

I'm all out of my products.

I need to buy more Silk Elements MMC, Hello Hydration conditioner, Shi kai full size tea tree conditioner, the largest rollers I can find for my roller set, and my semi permanent black haircolor in blackest black.

I'll be back next week with my relaxer update! Take care!

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