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Monday, November 28, 2011

Relaxer Day! 11-6-11

This post has been in the queue forever oops!

I relaxed today at 9.5 weeks! I used my usual Soft and Beautiful  relaxer (regular strength) I used creamy Vaseline around my hairline for protection and it helped a lot! I tend to get relaxer all over my neck and ears.

I used the Motions conditioner to cover my previous relaxed hair to prevent over processing. That conditioner is super thick!

I started the relaxer and applied it to my new growth and smoothed it in the allotted 20 minute time frame using the stop watch timer on my phone.

It took me 5 neutralizer washes to rinse out all the relaxer. The shampoo kept being pink. It was weird. After my final rinse I applied my VO5 moisturizing for about 5 minutes because my poor hair felt stripped.

I then used semi permanent color Beautiful Browns in midnight black under the dryer for 45min. It seemed as if the formula for this has changed too. It was really inky black. Me no likey. I think I'll use dark brown next time.

After the color, I conditioned with my Silk Elements Mega Moisture conditioner under the dryer for 30 min. rinsed and t-towel dried and applied my Infusium leave in. I air dried, detangled and protective styled with twists.

So that's it 3 weeks late. 5 weeks until touch-up time.