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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Relaxer Day!

Okay so I decided to just go ahead and relax today at 5.5 weeks! My hair was having a hard time with the two textures. Lots of ridiculous shedding and it was soo course.

I used my usual Soft and Beautiful (regular strength) I based my scalp the night before with creamy Vaseline and it helped so much! I only felt irritation in the spots where I couldn't resist scratching. LOL!

I used a cheapie conditioner to cover my previous relaxed hair to prevent over processing.

I started at 6:59 pm and I tried to apply the relaxer and smooth it in the allotted 20 minute time frame. I usually only like to leave the relaxer on 15 minutes but this time I went the full time.

I parted my hair in four sections (thanks Bajan for the reminder) and started by applying the relaxer in the back first. I covered all  4 sections in about 7 minutes. I went back over my whole head with relaxer in the spots I missed which took 5 minutes. At 7:12 pm I started the smoothing process. My hair seemed pretty straight already. It is here that I think I am over processing and rinse too early. I held on for the last 8 minutes and started with rinsing the front hairline. I have a fear of losing my hairline as well...but once I started rinsing it all looked smooth and straight. Yaaay!!

This recap was just as much for me as my readers...because I swear I forget how to relax my hair every time I do it. I am still kinda missing the shop for this step in my journey. This is my 4th time giving myself a relaxer with only 2 successes including this one LOL!

It grew but I don't know how thick it is with all this shedding. It looked right at or right above bra strap length BSL. I was like... really hair Really?  WOW! LOL! I don't know what happened but I got about 2 good inches of growth. I currently have about 16 inches of length. I need about 2.5- 3 inches to be at full (BSL). My sides don't grow as fast as the back of my hair, but am pleased with the overall turnout/progress of this relaxer. I can finally tell it has grown.

I am hoping to reach full BSL by July 4th including my 1 inch trim... I plan to wear my hair out for our family picnic. My family has not seen my hair not in a protective style since Feb of last year after my big chop.
CORRECTION: I wore my hair down for my birthday in March. Its been up ever since.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Review No.6

Giovanni Tea Tree Oil Shampoo VS. Shikai Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Shikai did not give my scalp the tingly cleansed feeling that GTTO did.

and the winner is Giovanni Tea Tree Oil Shampoo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair Mistakes!

So this weekend I decided to pre poo my hair before I washed. I used VO5 volumizing conditioner and grape seed oil. Umm that was a crazy combo as for as my hair was concerned. My hair was sooooooooo tangled when I went to shampoo. It was crazy! I don't know what happened??

Anywhoo I washed with the Shikai Tea Tree shampoo. It is not as fab as the Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo. I then washed with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo( I'm going to be so sad when this runs out) then I conditioned with my beloved Silk Elements. This softened my hair to butter and made it easier to detangle, but it was still a long tedious process. I lost a lot of hair. *sadface*

I will be relaxing next week due to the texlax relaxer 5 weeks ago. I will then be able to assess the damage to my ends. I hope my hair is not paper thin because of this mishap. Guess who won't be texlaxing or pre pooing anymore? Me!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Picture Dump -Hair

Okay so people have been hinting about pics. In my quest to stay anonymous here's what I came up with...

hair after cut growing back

in need of a relaxer

freshly relaxed still wrapped

Birthday hair- flash making me look bald

protective styles

most of all - don't forget to cover your hair with a scarf every nite- sweet dreams