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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking it back old school

Lately I've slacked up on everything in my life and I want to get back on track. I've decided to take it back old school style and reintroduce some old stables to my HHJ (healthy hair journey)

I remember before my hair first started growing long I was regularly going to the hairstylist getting fly cuts and color and then I just stopped. Once I stopped with all the flyness my hair started growing. My routine was simple my hair was washed, conditioned and wrapped. I used Infusium 23 as my leave in and I deep conditioned with Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner. I recently reviewed my master list of products and realized these old staples are on the list! Color me EXCITED!!

Infusium 23 has new formulas at the store but you can still find the original formula at the beauty supply and that's what I did. I took a trip to the beauty supply and purchased both products. I went to the Bea.uty and it's huge so I needed assistance locating the stuff.  Once I was led to both products by customer service I was a happy camper!! My instincts were reconfirmed when the salesperson said "that's the right stuff right there." I smiled because I'm already knowin!! lol

Once I get going with it, product reviews forth coming. I truly hope the formulas are the same or better and benefit my hair.