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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Product Review No.4 Shi Kai

From the site:

Tea Tree Shampoo: is aromatic and invigorating. The essential oils of tea tree and peppermint leave the scalp tingling and fresh. And our proprietary soap-free ShiKai Extract leaves hair exceptionally soft, shiny and healthy.

Tea Tree Conditioner: contains also contains tea tree, peppermint, Amla and jojoba oils to revitalize and leave hair silky soft, shiny and manageable.

I've mentioned this conditioner a few times in other posts but I haven't done a formal review.

Since beginning my hair journey, I don't have any of the problems I previously had with my scalp. I used to have a real problem with dry, flaky, itchy scalp. My scalp was so easily irritated and it would itch unbearably causing me to scratch until it bled! I use to use special prescription shampoo and an ointment!...because none of the over the counter products worked! Yes it was that bad! I believe I had a hair allergy to my previous relaxer, but it was my stylist's staple so I never said anything o_O! The only problem I may have now is an itchy scalp before a wash day, which brings me to my new found LURVE!!

I was perusing the aisles at Whole Foods and found this trial size version of Shi Kai Tea Tree conditioner and decided to try it. AMAZE!!!

Shi Kai Tea Tree conditioner is amazing!! How can what essentially boils down to a dandruff product be so moisturizing? It is because it contains all the important products that are good for hair! Swoon!

One day before wash day I usually pre-poo with oils and a conditioner and I had read on a few hair blogs that adding tea tree oil to another another oil or to your conditioner would help with itchy scalp. Finding this conditioner relieves me from having to do any of that.

My scalp truly felt amazing after using this product. It did not strip or dry my hair at all. I still followed with my regular moisturizing routine, but as a pre-poo product it will be a staple when I have an itching scalp.

I plan to try the shampoo and may convert from the Giovanni Tea Tree to this.


Veronica said...

oooh can't wait to hear your results. I didnt think anything was better than Giovanni!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Veronica I will definitely do a post soon! I wanna know myself LOL!

Dee O. said...

great review! i definitely want to try this :)


GorgeousPuddin said...

Thank you and Welcome!

ABIGAIL NY said...

I'm a sucker for anything with tea tree!

GorgeousPuddin said...


Me too! Thanks for stopping by!!