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Saturday, October 29, 2011

If at first you dont succeed...

Keep trying!

I started using the Infusium and Queen Helene cholesterol conditioner in August and saw immediate results. Both products combined did great things for my hair.  I washed my hair, and deep conditioned with the QH for about 30 minutes under a hood dryer.  After that I moisturized with Silk Elements MM for an additional 30 minutes.  After my conditioning treatments I then used the Infusium as a leave in and styled. I highly recommend these products!! Get you some son!

My hair was softer, more manageable and easy to detangle and grew so much from August to September. It was thick, healthy and felt so strong I was VERY pleased with the results.

You would think with all this progress I would continue my weekly regime to continue to reap the benefits of the products but I did not. Sadly I slacked off after my relaxer September 4th and my hair immediately showed the difference! My hair tangles easily when I don’t constantly care for it. With a relaxer one of the key components is maintaining moisture in the hair. Without moisture the hair gets dry, brittle, sheds more and will break off.  Because of my laziness I did seemingly shed more than usual resulting in thinner hair.
I keep learning the same lesson which is achieving long healthy hair is truly a journey. There are no shorts cut. It is a maintenance system that must be sustained if you want to see results. Any deviation from your plans can result in hair loss.

 I am currently on a castor oil challenge to thicken my hair and try to recover the thickness that my hair was finally starting to show.


Adei von K said...

oh yeah, infusium is that tried and true ish! I don't know why more people don't use it! it's like vitamins for your hair!

I like cholesterol for my conditioner, too. I've used that since mommy was doing my hair. Cream of Nature and some cholesterol.

are you trying new products every time you do your hair?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


True dat about Infusium!

No, I don't. I was trying out new products at first to find out what would work for my HHJ. I'm pretty set with products for now.

What I've done in the last few months is what works, so I'll be sticking to that for now but, I do like to try the products that other hair bloggers with my hair goal use, so I plan to test out some new things as I go.