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Sunday, January 9, 2011

UPDATE week 2

First and second wash and length check

Hello All!!

I did my first wash with Creme of Nature shampoo for fine hair. My scalp was jacked up from my relaxer. I had no idea I burned that much! I'm glad there wasn't any hair loss. I conditioned with Intense by EQP. I know I said I don't like it but I didn't have any other conditioner *shrugs* My scalp was still healing and shedding so it didn't matter. I put it in a ponytail and left it alone so it could do what it needed to do.

I did my 2nd wash today Yay!

I used VO5 moisturizing conditioner and really scrubbed the rest of the dead burned scalp flakes out of my hair. My scalp is clean and healed. I deeped conditioned with Silk Elements Moisture intense conditioner. I LOVE this stuff it leaves my hair really soft and silky with minimal detangling needed.

I shedded a lot to me this wash I'm not sure if  it was due to the burning from the relaxer. I plan to do a Aphogee 2 step Protein treatment next wash.

I made my own length check T shirt so that I can measure my hair length. According to the shirt I am 4 inches from BSL(bra strap length) I am super excited about this. I may not reach this goal by my next relaxer and birthday month in March, but surely by my relaxer in May I should be fully BSL barring any set backs. I can't wait. I plan to be slightly bangin by summer. Whipping my hair back and forth!! And by the Fall shoo you better watch out!! LOL!

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