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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Relaxer Day! 1-16-12 Let's Be honest!

Well... I finally relaxed my hair! Remember my new goal is to relax at 8 weeks. It grew a lot and 10 weeks is seemingly just TOO LONG! :(

My last relaxer was not great so I had course sections all over my head but mainly on the left side of my head.

I let it get to coarse and the two different textures tangled and I lost a LOT of hair :(
so its thinner, longer but thinner. I scratched my scalp a lot before so there were scalp issues. I did not have my Seabreeze so I have some scabbing but it's nothing I can't handle. By the way, slightly diluted Seabreeze is a great antiseptic to pour on your scalp after a burny relaxer. I'm not gonna lie  IT BURNS SO BADLY and you should have a cool fan ready to fan your scalp BUT it prevents scabbing in your scalp.

I used the same relaxer as in previous posts. I won't be jumping around to different relaxers this one does me just fine. I did a good job of relaxing this time. It is really straight! :)

Although my hair is thin for some odd reason I am extremely happy to have my length almost back to where I need it to be.  My hair length being tied to my self esteem is just... But I feel prettier with long hair.

I may not reach mid back by June, because some trimming will need to happen but I will be content with full thick bra strap length.  Dec 1 will be my new MBL goal.

I plan to regain my thickness by relaxing on time, taking my hair vitamins, sleeping on a silk/satin pillow case, tying my hair up and using castor oil. Let's hope I stay on course and begin to "treat my hair like silk" again.

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