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Saturday, April 10, 2010

PERM 4-7-10 plus update

After a nine week stretch I got a perm this week. I was really bad. After my hair started to get thicker I stopped co washing and only oiled my ends. I then stopped that and just pulled my hair into a high ponyail and wore hats. I know bad. I combed out one day before my perm A LOT of shedding. The shedding caused my hair to be thin this time around. It grew about 2- 3 inches. My ends still look healthy according to my bestie.  I am Full shoulder length. I have a bone straight relaxer this time. My last perm was not good. I don't like it this straight.

I measured my length and after my big chop I needed 7 inches to get back the length I lost, 7 INCHES!!

I believe I only need 5 to 41/2 inches to GO Yea!

Plan this round:

I want to stretch to 10 weeks which will put the next perm around June.

I am purchasing my castor oil  this weekend. check
I'm going to try the garlic pill mixed with the oil to stop the shedding. I did not get the garlic pills

I will start the hair vitamin orally. I got the vitamins

I will co wash. Not sure how after many days yet. 5 days

I will prepoo with oil before each wash and co wash

I plan to roller set instead of wrapping and sit under the dryer. I bought 1 3/4 rollers

Wish me luck!

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